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Christmas Newsletter

The holidays are a wonderful time to connect with loved ones near and far. One great way to share your family’s latest news and happenings is through an annual Christmas newsletter. Sending a printed or digital newsletter in your holiday cards is a thoughtful way to keep everyone up-to-date. Consider saving printed or digital copies from year to year to create a treasured family diary of your most joyful times together.

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 Content Ideas for Your Christmas Newsletter

Key components to include in your annual family Christmas newsletter:

  • Introductory Holiday Greeting– Start your newsletter with a warm seasonal greeting like “Merry Christmas and happy holidays!”
  • Year in Review- Highlight 3-5 of your family’s major milestones, memories and events from the past year.
  • Family Photo- Include a family photo from the past year or a collage of candid shots. Photos add a personal touch.
  • Holiday Fun- Recap your favorite holiday traditions, parties, and activities from the year. 
  • Travel Tales- Summarize the highlights from 1-2 major vacations or trips you took as a family.
  • Major Milestones- Highlight big events like births, deaths, marriages, graduations, moves, new jobs, etc. 
  • Kid Updates- Share key milestones and activities for each child like new grades, sports teams, and accomplishments. 
  • All About Pets- Include a devoted space for pet updates, funny stories and cute photos.
  • Hobby Updates- Mention new hobbies, interests or skills family members picked up.
  • Holiday Plans- Share information on holiday traditions, and upcoming plans and gatherings.
  • Looking Ahead- Close out with a preview of anticipations, goals or dreams for the coming year
  • Closing- End with warm holiday wishes and gratitude for your loved ones.
  • Contact Info- Include your current mailing address, emails, and phone numbers so people can connect.

The key is hitting the highlights and major events without getting overly detailed.

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Helpful Tips

Creating an annual Christmas newsletter takes effort but is deeply meaningful for both you and your loved ones. Follow these tips to craft family updates that get read and enjoyed throughout the holidays.

Getting Started 

It can be overwhelming to stare at a blank page and try to sum up a whole year. Make a list of important events and memories to get started. Focus on the highlights.

Keep it Simple

When crafting your letter, keep in mind that less is more. Be concise and focus on the highlights. Use bullet points, captions, and other formatting to make your letter easy to skim. This ensures even your busiest loved ones will get through it.

 Make it Personal with Handwritten Touches 

Consider adding handwritten names, notes, or signatures to printed newsletters. This extra touch makes your letter more heartfelt and personalized.

  Send Out In Time for the Holidays

Print and mail your newsletters in the first couple weeks of December so they arrive before Christmas. Email digital versions by mid-December. Include a link to your letter in your holiday cards too. 

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Ways to Deliver Christmas Newsletter

Here are some different ways you can create and deliver your annual Christmas family newsletter:

Hand-Deliver- For nearby loved ones, hand-deliver your newsletter with a poinsettia plant or bottle of wine. 

 Insert In Holiday Cards- This is the classic approach. Design a 1-2 page newsletter and have copies printed. Mail them out along with your holiday cards.

Include Treats- Bake holiday cookies, fudge or other goodies and mail them with your newsletter. Include your favorite recipes!

Email- Create your newsletter in a visual format like a PDF document or an email template. Email this digital version out to your mailing list in mid-December. 

Video Newsletter- Get creative and film a short video of your family sharing updates and holiday greetings. Upload to YouTube as a private video and share the link. 

Share Via Social Media- Post your newsletter as a PDF on Facebook or Instagram and add greetings to the caption.

Personal Website- Maintain a family website or blog during the year. In December, do a special write-up recapping your year in one place.

Get creative with how you deliver your Christmas newsletter! The most meaningful part is taking the time to share and connect with loved ones during the holidays.

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Here are some photo ideas to include in your family Christmas newsletter recap of the year:

Holiday Card-Style- Get dressed up and pose for a nice snapshot. Print on your newsletter intro page.

Candid Shots- Capture your family in authentic moments throughout the year – blowing out birthday candles, dressed up for Halloween, playing in the yard. 

Major Milestones- Commemorate big moments like graduations, new babies, new homes with milestone photos.

Seasonal Activities- Showcase your favorite seasonal traditions through photos – carving pumpkins, annual beach trip, and sledding in the snow.

Vacation Pics- Select the best 1-2 photos from each trip or vacation you took as a family. 

Holiday Celebrations- Share festive shots around the Christmas tree, at Thanksgiving dinner, on Easter egg hunts. 

Sporting Events- Include game day photos, team pictures, or shots of the kids at their activities.

Pet Photos- Capture your furry family members with Santa hats, puppy dog eyes, or fun poses.

Funny Outtakes- Show the silly side of your family with candids of goofy faces and unexpected moments.

A thoughtfully curated mix of posed and candid shots throughout your newsletter adds heart and personality!

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In conclusion, crafting an annual Christmas newsletter allows you to share your family’s highlights and blessings from the past year with all your loved ones. In addition, it provides a yearly record of your family’s experiences.  Take time to collect special memories, organize key events, and infuse your letter with love and celebration. The effort to connect with cherished family and friends through a thoughtful, personal newsletter will spread joy far and wide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 How Do I Make This Organized? 

Use headers, bullet points, captions, and other formatting to organize your content into logical sections. This helps with flow and readability. 

 How Much Detail Should I Include?

Keep details concise and focused on the main events. Avoid getting bogged down in lengthy descriptions. Save more intricate stories for in-person catch ups.

 What If We Didn’t Do Much This Year?

Even uneventful years have their special moments. Highlight simple joys like family movie nights, weekend trips, or new hobbies. Update on milestones like first words, lost teeth, etc.

 How Do I Fit Everything In?

Stick to 1-2 pages max. It’s ok to leave some things out. You can’t recreate the whole year. Focus on what you’d most want others to know.

 How Do I Make This Stylish?

Use colored paper, borders, photos, handwritten elements, and festive fonts. But don’t let it get too busy or distracting. Simple is best.

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  1. Great idea! My family used to do a monthly newsletter and it was always so much fun, especially at Christmas. Sadly, life gets in the way and we stopped doing it. Wondeful ideas here.

  2. These are such great tips and they are motivating me to get started. Thank you for the inspiration. I especially love the video newsletter.

    1. Thank you so much, Deanna! So happy to hear you are inspired to get started! I am going to encourage my family to do a video newsletter, too!

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