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Christmas Planning In Summer

It may seem crazy to start thinking about the holidays when it’s sunny and warm outside, but getting a head start on Christmas planning in summer will make your life so much easier come December! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can get really stressful and overwhelming if you leave everything until the last minute.

That’s why I always use the summer months to get organized, come up with ideas, and check things off my Christmas list so I can actually sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays when they roll around. If you start prepping now, you’ll thank yourself later! Here are my tips for planning ahead for a stress-free Christmas.

 Brainstorm Early Christmas Gift Ideas

The Christmas gift grind is real. Finding thoughtful presents for everyone on your list every year is no easy feat! Avoid the last-minute shopping scramble by starting your brainstorming now.

 Make Wish Lists

Have your family and friends create Amazon wish lists or Pinterest boards so you can see ideas for things they actually want. Giving options takes the guesswork out of gift-giving.

 Shop Year-Round

When you see something perfect for someone, pick it up! See cute Christmas oven mitts in July? Grab them and squirrel them away. Keep an eye out for great deals and sales too. Spreading out shopping over the year saves you from spending all the money at once.

 Get Crafty

Many handmade gifts like knitted scarves, crocheted blankets, and DIY crafts can be made well in advance of the holidays. Designate a few weekends for crafting projects.

 Plan Your Holiday Budget

Nothing dampens the holiday spirit like financial stress. Be proactive by planning your Christmas budget ahead of time so you can stick to it.

 Make a List with Estimated Costs

Tally up all the gifts, food, decor, travel, and other expenses you expect for the holidays. Give each item an estimated cost so you have an overall spending goal.

 Start Saving Up

Open up a separate Christmas savings account and deposit a little each month so the funds are ready when you need them. Even $20 a month will add up if you start now!  

 Look for Deals and Coupons

Search online for promo codes and discounts you can use for gifts, holiday attire, baking supplies, and more. Sign up for email newsletters so you’ll be the first to know about sales.

 Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

Decking the halls can be time consuming if you’re dragging dusty decorations out of storage and untangling string lights last minute. Use the summer to prep your home for yuletide cheer.

 Organize Decorations and Supplies

Take stock of your existing holiday décor and see what needs to be replaced or added to. Organize everything neatly and make a list of any additional items you want to pick up.

 Deep Clean Your Home

Holiday hosting will be much less stressful if your home is sparkling clean before the season starts. Do a deep clean of any heavily trafficked areas and declutter so you have space to decorate.

 Meal Plan and Prep Recipes

Spend time now browsing holiday recipes and planning out your Christmas dinner menu. You can prep some elements like sauces and desserts ahead of time and freeze them.

Starting your Christmas planning in summer eliminates so much holiday hassle. You’ll get to really soak in special time with your loved ones if all your tasks are already ticked off your list. Follow these planning tips so when December rolls around, you’ll have the merriest, brightest, most joyful holiday yet!

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  1. Great ideas – I love shopping early so I can actually enjoy the season and not be stressed. My wallet feels better too (LOL)!

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