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Christmas Shopping in August

The warm summer months often bring huge sales as retailers try to clear out inventory to make room for fall merchandise. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, you can score incredible deals on big ticket items and summer-specific gear. Take advantage of these seasonal savings opportunities. Think about Christmas shopping in August and what gifts to buy in summer.

Overall, making use of summer sales for Christmas gifts is savvy budgeting. You save money, reduce stress, and take advantage of seasonal deals to make Christmastime special.

 Reasons to Do Christmas Shopping in August

  • Save Money- Buying during summer sales lets you get a high-priced gift at a steep discount. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars off the normal retail cost. This allows you to afford a nicer gift.
  • Beat the Holiday Rush- Shopping in summer avoids the crowded stores and low inventory issues that come around Christmastime. You’ll have an easier time getting the gift and can avoid delivery delays or backorders.
  • Lock In Hot Toy Trends- Buy it on sale in summer to secure that hard-to-find toy.
  • Enjoy Off-Season Discounts- Certain items like swim gear, summer clothes, or air conditioners are much cheaper in summer. You save more buying in their peak season.
  • Plenty of Time for Personalization- The extra months allow you time to get creative and personalize a gift..
  • Less Financial Stress- Avoid a financial burden during the holidays by spreading out your Christmas shopping over the summer months.

Christmas Shopping in August Sales

With the holiday season on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start scouting for Christmas gifts that can be purchased during the summer months. Here’s a curated list of items to consider. Get ready to save big and be ahead of the holiday rush.There are quite a few summer items that will be on sale or soon will be discounted.

Outdoor Living

  •  Patio & Outdoor Furniture- Cushioned patio sets, outdoor sectionals, porch swings and other open air furnishings see major markdowns in summer. Retailers are trying to sell leftover stock. Shop end of summer clearance sales for best pricing.
  •  Grills- As backyard BBQ season kicks into high gear, grilling equipment gets steep summer discounts. Look for overstock sales on gas grills, pellet grills, smokers, pizza ovens and more. Keep an eye out for package deals bundling grills with utensils, prep tables and fuel.

Summer Fashion Finds While Christmas Shopping in August

  • Sunscreen & Summer Beauty Sun protection essentials start going on sale in August as demand starts decreasing post summer season. The same goes for summer-centric beauty like bronzers, tanning oils, and bright nail polishes. Stock up on these seasonal items at a discount to stash away for Christmas gifts.
  • Warm Weather Clothing Summer clothing items hit their lowest sale prices toward the end of summer in August and September. Retailers are desperate to clear the leftover summer merch to make room for fall inventory. Expect to see sales offering up to 70% off or more on name brand summer apparel and footwear styles.
  • Sporting Goods & Outdoor Recreation- Retailers offer deep discounts on outdoor recreation products as the summer season winds down.

Home And Garden

  • Lawn Care Equipment Invest in lawn care power tools like mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers and chainsaws while summer savings last. August is Home Improvement Month, bringing discounts on top brands.
  • Gardening Tools & Accessories- To make room for autumn plants and decor, retailers deeply discount gardening tools throughout summer.

Outdoor Adventures

  • Camping Gear & Hiking Equipment- Summer is camping and hiking season, making it the optimal time to upgrade your adventure gear. Shop markdowns on tents, packs, coolers, lighting, navigation tools, hammocks and more.
  • Bikes, Scooters & Skateboards- Now is the time to score sweet deals on kids’ and adult bike styles. In addition, retailers also discount scooters and longboards as warmer weather sports transition to fall and winter pursuits.
  • Sporting Goods & Outdoor Recreation- Retailers offer deep discounts on outdoor recreation products as the summer season winds down.

Tech and Home Essentials

  •  Appliances- Retailers often run Memorial Day  appliance sales on big ticket items like refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers and more.
  •  Mattresses & Bedroom Furniture- Look for summer closeout deals offering up to 60% off or more.
  • Electronics- Electronics like high-end TVs, smartphones, tablets, headphones and laptops tend to go on sale in August.

In summary, taking advantage of summer discounts is a smart money-saving approach when Christmas shopping in August. Getting ahead of the game by locking in presents at summer sale prices ends up being a real budget-friendly lifesaver. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve already secured special gifts to make the holiday special.


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