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Mrs. Claus

Origins and History

While Santa Claus has roots tracing back centuries, Mrs. Claus emerged far more recently. First referenced in the short story “A Christmas Legend” in 1849, wher name was Mary Christmas. Her character appeared in poetry, songs, and children’s books in the late Victorian era when Christmas celebrations surged in popularity.

Her most famous moniker “Mrs. Claus” became widely known after the publication of the poem “Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride” in 1889. She was a slim, elderly, but warm-hearted woman who rode on Santa’s sleigh. Cartoons, paintings, and advertising in the early 20th century cemented her maternal persona as a kindly old woman devoted to Santa.

North Pole Duties

At their home in the North Pole, she bakes cookies, tends the fireplace, and takes care of the elves, among many other things. In Santa’s workshop, she has many job titles and responsibilities including:

  • CEO (Chief Elf Overseer)- As co-leader with Santa, she oversees all operations at the North Pole workshop. Mrs. Claus ensures quality control of all toys, keeps elf morale high, and drives efficiency.                                                                                                                                    
  • CFO (Chief Festivities Officer)- She manages the budget for Christmas festivities like decor, food, entertainment, and gift wrap supplies. Her thriftiness ensures expenses stay within limits.                       
  • COO (Chief Operating Officer)- Responsible for daily operations, she coordinates schedules, directs workflow, and makes sure everything runs smoothly, allowing Santa to focus on big picture duties.                                                                                                                                
  • HR Director (Head of Reindeer)- She recruits and trains new reindeer, mediates any disputes, and ensures Rudolph and the reindeer team are happy and high performing.                         
  • Executive Chef– Mrs. Claus oversees the dining facilities, menus, and food for hundreds of hungry elves and reindeer. Her meals fuel Santa’s long sleigh rides.

While she isn’t the one delivering presents, Mrs. Claus’ maternal persona has made her one of the most beloved symbols of the Christmas spirit. She represents warmth, family, nurturing, leadership, and the essence of giving. When Santa sometimes gets overwhelmed preparing for the holiday, it is Mrs. Claus who gives him encouragement and support. Her patience, wisdom, and care allow Santa to successfully carry out Christmas. So this Christmas season, raise a glass of eggnog to Mrs. Claus – the true matriarch of Christmas!

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