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St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Game

Are you ready to put your Irish knowledge to the test? This St. Patrick’s Day trivia game is sure to entertain and challenge you. Grab a pen and paper, gather your friends and family, and let the fun begin as you tackle these 25 questions about the Emerald Isle!

Couple playing St. Patrick's Day trivia game.

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Game Questions

  1. What is the symbol of Ireland? 
  2. Who is the patron saint of Ireland? 
  3. What is the capital city of Ireland?
  4. What is the traditional Irish instrument known as the pipes?
  5. What is the Irish language called?
  6. What is the nickname for the Republic of Ireland’s national football team? 
  7. In Irish folklore, what creature brings good luck? 
  8. What is the traditional Irish dance with rapid leg and foot movements?
  9. What is the name of the famous medieval book of illuminated manuscripts in Dublin?
  10. What is the Irish term for cheers
  11. What is another name for Ireland?
  12.  Why is St. Patrick’s Day on March 17? 
  13. Which river runs through the city of Dublin? 
  14. What are the ingredients in traditional Irish stew? 
  15. What is the name of the Irish flag?
  16. What is the longest river in Ireland?
  17. What Irish rock band had hits like With or Without You and Sunday Bloody Sunday?
  18. What is the famous Irish folk song about a man’s journey from Donegal to Derry?
  19. What Irish holiday celebrates the arrival of spring on February 1st?
  20. Which Irish author wrote the novel Ulysses
  21. What is the name of the ancient burial site in County Meath, Ireland, known for its passage tombs? 
  22. How many castles are in Ireland? 
  23. What is the traditional Irish bread made with buttermilk and baking soda? 
  24. What do the three leaves of a shamrock symbolize on St. Patrick’s Day?
  25. Which river in the US is dyed green every year for St. Patrick’s Day?

Answers to Trivia Game Questions

  1. Shamrock
  2. Saint Patrick
  3. Dublin
  4. Uilleann pipes
  5. Irish  (Gaeilge)
  6. The Boys in Green
  7. Leprechaun
  8. Irish step dancing
  9. Book of Kells
  10. Sláinte
  11. Emerald City
  12. It’s the day Saint Patrick died in 461.
  13. River Liffey
  14. Lamb or beef, potatoes, onions, and carrots
  15. Tricolour (Green, white, and orange)
  16. River Shannon
  17. U2
  18. The Wild Rover
  19. Imbolc (St. Brigid’s Day)
  20. James Joyce
  21. Newgrange
  22. 30,000
  23. Soda bread
  24. The Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost)
  25. The Chicago River

How did you fare in the St. Patrick’s Day trivia game? Whether you aced every question or learned something new along the way, I hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge of the Emerald Isle. Keep exploring the rich history, culture, and traditions of Ireland, and perhaps you’ll be ready to tackle even more trivia questions in the future. Sláinte!

Dog dressed up in St. Patrick's Day costume.

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  1. I really enjoy how you come up with a trivia game for every holiday. So creative, but thank goodness you also post the answers.

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